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hello. welcome to 9 news now at noon. happy veterans day. i'm j.c. hayward. and veterans day 2009 is topping our news this afternoon. americans all across the nation
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are taking time out to salute the troops. tara mergener has more. >> reporter: president obama visited the tomb of the unknowns to honor fallen veterans. the president is marking veterans day as he weighs a decision about sending more troops to afghanistan. he'll meet with the national security team again today, but it has been three months since the commander in afghanistan, general stanley mccrystal said he needed 40,000 more troops. administration officials now say the president is leaning toward mccrystal light, sending more troops but less than the general asked for. some say that president obama is taking too long to make his choice. many in the administration warn that afghanistan is a war that cannot be won and will cost more american lives. many remember the outcome of the vietnam war and came to the vietnam veterans memorial to honor the dead. >> i have thinking of the friends that i lost from this
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panel here. 32 west. there was at least six that never came back to this country ♪ [ music ] [ playing "taps "] >> reporter: while the president paused to remember those who fought for their country he said he is focused on making the right decision for our troops going forward. administration sources say a final decision on afghanistan is still weeks away. tara mergener , for cbs news, washington. >> there was another wreath laying ceremony earlier this morning. the scene was the world war ii memorial on 17th street northwest. the memorial consists of 56 pillars and a pair of arches surrounding a fountain. the fingerpointing intensifies over the shooting rampage at ft. hood. a military denies knowing that suspected gunman major malik nadal hasan contacted a radical
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islamic cleric. an earlier report found the pentagon knew about the contact, but did not believe that malik nadal hasan would turn violent. on the "early show," the head of veterans affairs talked about what measures are in place to help soldiers dealing with stress. >> i will tell you that today's veterans affairs employees, employs 19,000 mental health professionals to treat depression and some other mental health issues that come up from time to time. >> reporter: 13 people died in last week's shootings at ft. hood and 28 others were injure. a group of volunteers from various organizations are helping homeless veterans from the job mcdermott house transitional living facility. the volunteers are painting the facility on tear owe street and they are from the israel congregation and the people's
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congregation of the united church of christ. they are lending a hand to give rooms where veterans reside a facelift. >> men and women here from all walks of life. they have served their country and they need help and assistance and by me working with the v.a. hospital and also that help through this particular program is an excellent thing to do. it is. >> reporter: rewarding. >> reporter: residents living at the house receive health care services from the washington, d.c. v.a. medical center. former redskin took time out to honor the men and women in the military. mark griffin visited army medical center yesterday to honor the wounded warriors. the former super bowl mvp posed with some members of the troops and he even let them get a closeup look at that super bowl
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ring. rypien said he wanted to do his part to honor the men and women who sacrifice so much for our country. >> just thinking of all of this brings a tear to the eye how much they appreciate us being here and how little they understand how much we appreciate what they have done. >> reporter: he also delivered pizzas to residents of the fisher house. it is a nonprofit organization that supports minutes of the military and their families while they are being treated at walter reed. coming up tonight on 9 news now at 7:00, we are doing our part to honor the men and women in uniform. we are celebrating veterans day with a very special edition of 9 news now. join us and help salute our men and women, past and present, serving overseas and other heros on the home front. in other news, a united airlines pilot is scheduled to appear in a london court next week. after pulled from his plane for
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allegedly being drunk. the 51-year-old pilot is from lakewood, colorado. >> reporter: united airlines pilot irwin washington was pulled from his plane by british authorities just before takeoff after a crew member suspected the pilot was drunk. >> it is a very serious allegation. and it does reflect badly on pilots as a whole. >> reporter: it happened attelet row airport just before noon on monday. the transatlantic flight was bound for chicago but never got off the ground until scotland yard arrested the 51-year-old pilot from lakewood. according to some reports the pilot barricaded himself in the cockpit for more than an hour before police coaxed him in to coming out. according to aviation analyst, he is likely to serve a lengthy suspension if found guilty of the charge but it is possible he may be able to fly again. >> they may put him in a rehabilitation program. >> reporter: in a prepared
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statement, united airlines said the pilot has been removed from service while we are cooperating with authorities in conducting a full investigation. united -- united's alcohol policy is among the strictest in think industry and we have no tolerance for the violation of this well intentioned policy. >> they are responsibility for the lives and safety of hundreds of people at a time and to act like that is just i think inconceivable. >> i think it is something that is an exemption 0 the rule. i think for the most part pilots are professional. >> reporter: after the pilot was removed, the planes 124 passengers were put on another flight. they were not told why. convicted sniper john allen muhammad refused to say anything before he was put to death last night. the 48-year-old failed to apologize for the killing spree
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that terrorized our region in 2002. mohammad was executed for the death of dean harold meyers. meyers was one of ten people killed during the three-week shooting spree. nelson rivera's wife was not another one of the sniper victims. she was shot to death while vacuuming her car at a kensington gas station. rivera traveled to the prison last night for that execution. and 9 news now surae chinn reports. >> reporter: do you think you have gone through your darkest pain? >> i think so. but, you know, memory is always there and always with me every single day my life. >> reporter: nelson rivera has remarried, but he still wears his wedding band on his right land his marriage to lori. a pedestrian was struck and killed on the site land parkway this morning. it happened 2:30 a.m. near the intersection of naylor
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road in hill crest sites. the male victim was struck by two armored secret service vehicles. a spokesperson says the vehicles had just returned from fort lewis, washington where they were used to transport vice president joe biden. the name of the pedestrian has not been released his relatives have not been notified. howard county, maryland is the first region in the nation to keep children out of tanning beds. the ban takes effect at midnight. the board of health approved the rule last night. it will stop anyone under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning devices. some health experts believe that tanning bets are linked to cancer. still ahead on 9 news now at noon, rio goes dark. a lot of questions remain after much of brazil is plunged in to darkness. plus, face-to-face lisa nowak
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apologizes to the woman she's accused of stalking. we will have those stories and more just
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brazil has emerged from a widespread power outage that plunged many major cities in to darkness for hours. rio and other cities were the dark more than two hour and millions were affected. the power outage is prompting concerns about the country's ability to host the olympic
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games in 2016. the new york police department is looking at two more incidents involving foreign missions receiving suspicious packages of white proud powder. envelopes were sent to the french, australiaian and other foreign mission thousand the united nations. the powdered were examined and found to be nontoxic hoaxes. former nasa astronaut and rockville native lisa nowak is a free woman. a judge sentenced her to two years probation after a courtroom apology to hero man tick rival. >> reporter: when former as strow naught lisa nowak walked in to the courtroom on monday she had to admit her guilt and face the woman she's accused of driving across the country to attack, romantic rival shipman. >> i am 100% sure she came here to murder me. >> in february of 2007, nowak,
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disguised in a wig and carrying pepper spray confronted her in an orlando parking lot. shipman got away. >> now, almost three years later, i'm still reeling from her vicious attack and i'm still trying to put my life back together. >> i'm sincerely sorry for causing fear and misunderstanding and all of the intense public exposure you have suffered. >> reporter: nowak won't go to jail. he is sentenced to time already served and one year's probation. cbs news, miami. she was also ordered to serve 50 hours of community service and she must send a letter of apology to shipman. still to come on 9 news now a rocky mountain slide is caught on tape. that story is just ahead. we have our own rain trouble, j.c., all of this, the remnants from ida.
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you folks watching from the south and east. you will probably get four inches of rain from this. i will pinpoint the details next in my full forecast. you are watching 9 news now.
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this is incredible video because the cameras were rolling when the side of a tennessee mountain gaveway. it came crumbling down on u.s. 64 in oak county. fortunately no one was injured. but that roadway could be closed for at least a week. can you believe that? >> yeah, i can. that's the same rain triggering the mudslides there from ida that we are having on top of us today and we are the northern fringe of this. the folks down there and some people watching south and east in dc we are talking southern maryland, northern neck, fredericksburg, you are going to have quite a bit of rain before it is said and done. rook at what is going on -- look at what is going on. a lot of rain and chilly temperatures around 50 for the high. on friday the rain will be tapering to showers, though. here's how it looks on the radar and satellite loop together. look at the yellow from the
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south near fredericksburg right now. this is where i want to go on doppler 9000. let's zoom in on this area to the south. the rainfall rates here from colonial beach extending to the west around thornburg, spotsylvania, we have been seeing at least a tenth of an inch to two-tenth of an inch an hour rainfall rates in the area and over to saint leonard an lusby it is raining steadily. port royal, route 3. to the east, we will cross the both potomac and head to southern maryland. there's saint leonard and prince frederick. as i mentioned this is where the heaviest rain is and where they will get the most rain. let's talk about how much rain. as we look with the weather headlines this is a nor'easter taking shape. yes. it used to be tropical storm ida. and now it is turning in to a nor'easter. winds from the northeast between 15 to 25 miles an hour. between now and friday. and those locations, i was just showing you on the radar could
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see anywhere from two to four inches before it is said and done when the system is gone. it is gone and out of here by saturday. it is going to take part of saturday to clear. here's the rainfall tote ams. patuxent river /10 of an inch. a quarter inch in andrews. and in dc almost an inch of rain so far. this is the time lapse tower cam. the clouds and rain. the rain is obscuring our view of the washington monument right now. the winds from the northeast at 16 and chilly 40s. up the road in frederick, back to martinsburg and winchester 46. out here you guys are really on the northern fringe of. this you will have a little rain but not as much as say patuxent river, across the bay to cambridge, over to sals bury the delmarva and heading to norfolk and ports smith, virginia. that's where it will be bad.
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we will show you the heavy stuff is over the outer banks of north carolina right now. that will be another tough 12 to 24 hours. we will watch for her remnants to emerge off the coast. sending that hard northeast wind on top of us. today and tomorrow in the next couple. we have had our high in the low 50s. tonight in the middle 40s. as we look at tomorrow, once again with rain we will be in the 50s. this is a toll we are paying so this weekend we can improve. a lot going on. on saturday we have the heart walk. the morning could have a couple of showers, some clouds but warmer and 63. sunday is beautiful. 70 and mostly sunny. and next week, monday and tuesday are looking good, too. 62 degrees. back to you. >> thank you, kim. today we will talk about cold weather and our health. i'm happy to introduce you to gabby red ford from the aarp, the magazine. i hope you got your copy this
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month. this is a gorgeous picture of natalie cole she just had her kidney transplant and took this picture she looks fabulous. i'm so happy for her. these been through so much. let's get through the myths that cold weather will make you sick. >> viruses are what cause cold and the flu. we tend to have more in the winter floating around so we pick them up more and we are inside more and are sharing germs but it is viruses and not the weather that is causing us to be sick. >> they say you lose most of the heat through your head. is that a smith. >> it is a myth. it originated in a study with he military. their heads were the only part of their body exposed. the bottom line is you need to cover up all parts of your body and you lose heat through whatever part is exposed. what about taking vitamin c. will that prevent me from
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getting a cold. >> no. a lot of studies have said that vitamin c doesn't do very much. on the other hand zinc can be harmful and the fda recalled zinc gel nasal products that were linked to a loss of smell. the bottom line don't overdo the vitamin c and zinc. you can take some but don't overdo it. >> drinking are eight glasses of water a day. that will certainly help you not get a cold. >> this is a hodover from the ' 50s. in fact we get a lot of water through our food, particularly fruits and vegetables so it is more important to eat a healthy diet. >> all right. you heard it here. it is in aarp, the magazine, the november/december issue you should have yours. thank you for being here and clearing this up. boy am i surprised by what you
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said but it is all in the magazine. thank you for being with us. happy veterans day. come back and join us at 5:00. bye-bye. >> thank you for being here.
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